Friday, October 19, 2012

Some News

Hello Everyone.
I am a bad blogger, but I am not giving it up!! LOL Over the past few months, I have been getting refocused on college. I had to take a year off college and really was not thinking I was going to get another chance due to finances, when all of a sudden I received a call that put me back into the classes I had failed twice before and were the reason I was out of college. I passed those classes 3 weeks ago :) and began two new IT classes right behind them.I am currently learning programming.... So, college is a bit hectic at the moment although I do expect that to let up on my time load in the near future thanks to no more programming classes after this one.

Now, our family has been trying for 4 years to move to Arizona, we have been close a couple times and something has always happened to stop the move or block it from happening.... - IT HAS FINALLY HAPPENED! We have a new address and are currently packing, organizing and getting ready for the UHAUL caravan to take off on November 1st headed for Arizona. Once moved I will be more active with my designs, blog, and forums after we get settled in and things lined out real life wise.

If you have stayed with me to here - I sure hope to see you on the other side when I emerge back on track with new life in tow :)

Have a fantastic Halloween and I looked forward to seeing you all when I return sometime in the middle of November.