Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ice Cold Steampunk

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As you all know - I joined the Heartbeatz Creations blogtrain back at the beginning of the month where the theme was Ice Cold Steampunk. I made a FTU mini kit [that is posted on my blog] but it was my first time designing with anything steampunk, so I did some googling around to see what this steampunk was. I got lost in hours of reading and surfing from one cool thing to another, thus my newest obsession was born - Steampunk themed kits.

This is my very first PTU Steampunk kit - it also includes an element that is the end results of my very first FS/TS CU Template. I saw a picture on the internet of a necklace with steampunk charms, so I replicated one of the charms in psd layers :)

You can find both of these items at PSP Asylum!!
store link at top of page, just click the blinkie.

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