Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Creations Blog Train "Roses Are Red"

CHOOOOOO ooooooo CHOOOOOO.......

There's another train pulling out the station. Sweet Creations Blog train!!

The theme is "Roses Are Red" and below you can see the entire train preview.

Below is a larger preview of my part,

Full Size HERE
Tagger Size HERE

Be sure and stop by the other stops and grab some goodies as well, please be kind and leave some love some for the designer's time, talents, and generous natures!

Kim's Korner
Crystal's Scrap Creations
Dwana Designs <---You Are Here

Thanks for taking a ride with me on these blog trains - enjoy the goodies and come back soon! :)


  1. Another wonderful creation! Thank you very much for sharing your lovely talents :)

  2. Thank you so much for this gorgeous stuff, too. What is the difference between full-size and tagger? Have a great weekend!

  3. Noko, its the size the elements and papers are made at... full size is for page scrapping or layouts... so the papers are 12 x 12 or in PSP 3600 px by 3600 px....elements are at a larger size not below 1000 pixels but not 3600 pixels either.... tagger size is the same parts resized for easier handling in the programs as well as smaller file sizes. The tagger size papers are 900 by 900 px and the elements I try to keep just under the paper size so they can still be resized smaller if need be without losing graphic quality. Hope this helps some -- thamks for stopping by, downloading, and commenting :) You made my day! Have a wonderful weekend as well.

  4. TY CatJ, so glad you enjoy what I create...

    Both of you ladies make my day anytime you stop by and leave a note you were here :)

    Thanks for stopping by my chaos :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful train


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